About the PIRI project

Welcome to the Peterborough Integrated Renewables Infrastructure (PIRI) project. This is the place to find information about what we are doing, progress made by the project team, get access to outputs from the work and how to keep in touch.

PIRI aims to deliver low-cost and low carbon emission energy for the Peterborough community. Developing an integrated energy system design for electricity, heat and transport will provide benefits to the community and business not just in Peterborough but around the UK. PIRI is working to demonstrate an investment-ready case that can be transferred to other cities.

Project stages

1. System concept design and outline feasability

Understanding the current and potential supply of electrical and heat energy from the energy from waste plant [EfW] alongside other sources and options in the Peterborough is an important first stage. Alongside this, working with stakeholders to understand current and future demand for energy we are then modelling these supply and demand relationships.

2. Commercial model and regulation

Managing costs, securing viable locations, assuring access for services and working within existing and potential pricing structures for energy services all form part of this work package area. Ensuring that our design is not only technically feasible but commercially viable and compliant with current and future regulation is an important stage in preparation for an truly ‘investor-ready’ model.

3. Detailed technical Design

Having gained knowledge of current and future energy demand & supply for electricity, heat and transport allows the project team to explore options for an optimal design. Providing details of how we will recover heat, supply this to future users and do the same for electricity and transport services makes up this area of work. Recognising the existing constraints, opportunities for growth and including key stakeholders is part of this process.

4. Investor-ready business model and impact assessment

Demonstration of a design that will be adopted by investors is a central outcome from this work. This must include an understanding of the financial costs & benefits, advantages and impacts to users, as well as the environmental impacts and benefits that are likely to arise. Reports from each of these stages are included on this site as they become available.